These Guys Have A 'Dad Joke' Battle, Appropriately Inducing Laughs And Groans

"What do you call a funky car?"

Dad jokes often induce groans or cringes, but even kids will admit that dad jokes can be funny in their own unique way. 

To see how many laughs dad jokes can really get, YouTube channel Dormtainment had a dad joke battle. One side would tell a joke and if the other side laughed, they would get a point. 


The battle went on for five minutes with many dad jokes being told. Some highlights included: 

 "What do you call a funky car?" 

"A mustang."

"What did Michael Jackson call his denim store?" 

"Billie Jeans." 

Some of the jokes received nods and smiles, but as the battle progressed, there were more laughs on both sides.

"Why couldn't the toilet paper cross the road?" 

"Because it got stuck in a crack."

"What kind of hair do they sell at iHop?" 


The aqua side may have come out as the winners with 10 points compared to the red side's six, but overall there were lots of laughs shared. 


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