If You Park Illegally At A Russian Mall, You Might Get Yelled At ... By Holograms

Don't even try it.

Shoppers illegally taking disabled-only parking spots at Russian malls got quite a surprise thanks to technology and the efforts of DisLife, a nonprofit group that actively supports the interests of people with disabilities in Russia.


When people without the proper permits took the spots, they were suddenly confronted with a life-sized hologram of a man in a wheelchair.

Digital Trends reports that the holographic system was installed in shopping centers throughout Russia, including Aviapark, the largest mall in Europe.

According to the video, posted to YouTube by Bird Strategy, Inc., the illusions were created using a special projector that beamed a video image onto a cloud of water mist, which was otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

DisLife's founder, Yuri Kovalev, discussed the frustrating reason for the project with People. "Parking signs mean nothing for many drivers in Russia," he said. "They prefer to forget about the people 'behind them.' That is what we are fighting with in this project."

The message came across loud and clear.

Check out the reactions in this video:


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