A Girl Pretending To Be Drunk In Public Reveals A Truly Disturbing Reality

The creeps just come rollin' in.

UPDATE: The Smoking Gun reports this prank was a hoax, and that the men involved were told they were acting in a student film. Though this prank has now become yet another example of how nothing on the Internet can be trusted, it's message about rape culture and the dangers women face still hold true.

In a social experiment conducted by YouTube prankster Stephen Zhang, a woman pretends to be drunk on the streets of Hollywood, while a hidden camera follows her.  

Sadly, it's not long before disturbing footage is caught of male passersby seeking to take advantage of this seemingly "inebriated" woman. 

Watch how quick some men are to direct her back to their homes instead of getting her to a bus like she asks. 


"We gonna go somewhere else -- to my house -- there's a bus line near my house," says one creeper. 

Another guy even promises her a water bed. Cringe. And to add insult to injury, bystanders watching the scene do nothing to help. 

The experiment reveals a disturbing reality for women who must always be wary of sexual predators who interpret an inability to say "no" as consent. 

"It's not a rape if she didn't say 'no.' You don't want to get f***** by some stranger - don't drink alcohol or drink less," writes one YouTube commenter. "Only sluts get drunk and they deserve all of that."   

Comments like this are not-so-subtle reminders of the rape culture that exists throughout America -- Rape culture that uses victim-blaming rheotric to shift focus off the male aggressor who is at fault.

But no matter what a woman is wearing, doing or drinking, she is never asking for it. 

H/T Viral Women 


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