This Dude Got Himself A Tattoo While Drunk And On Xanax. And The Internet's A Fan.

Well, that escalated quickly.

Meet the man the Internet knows as "the guy who got drunk and decided to ink a Pokémon character on his abdomen."


This 27-year-old dude's tattoo went viral after his friend posted it on Reddit, saying: 

"My friend was drunk and on Xanax when he decided to tattoo a black face Charmander with no experience or artistic ability. The flame saves it."

And it does definitely add a unique twist to this artistic creation.

This is what the original Charmander looks like. According to its official description, "the flame that burns at the tip of its tail is an indication of its emotions."

But apparently the newbie "tattoo artist" was going for a more Tim Burton-esque style. His tattoo closely resembles an illustration previously drawn by designer Vaughn Pinpin.

The Internet community decided to turn the drunken mistake into a viral trend. And they succeeded.

Suddenly, Reddit and Imgur were flooded with various artistic interpretations of the Charmander tattoo.

But the madness didn't end in the virtual world. Some genius actually turned it into a vinyl sticker.

Another fan made a plush toy.

A jewelry company engraved it on a wedding ring.

Embroidered Charmander. Because of course.

This dude visualized the entire evolution on his T-shirt.

And this guy, apparently, did it before it was even cool.

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