Here Are The 9 Drunkest Animals You've Ever Seen

Hide the booze.

Drunk people can be fun to laugh at. Drunk animals are funnier. 

After a drunk squirrel took the Internet by storm for the second time this week (see two videos below), we got to thinking: What other animals have been caught on camera above the legal limit? 

Apparently, lots of them. We dug around and pulled out our favorite clips of intoxicated mammals, and we're pretty happy about it. 

From fermented Marula fruit to fermented pumpkins to cocktails, these animals have all found their appetite for alcohol in different places. 


This week's drunk squirrel.

2009's drunk squirrel.

When the cats get "tipsy"

An elephant who has had too much.

This ostrich is a stumbler.

... as is this giraffe.

We're not sure these bears are drunk, but sure looks it.

And, of course, monkeys:


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