Drummer Remixes Rihanna's 'Work' In A New York Subway Station And Gets Everyone Dancing

We're getting off at this stop.

In a New York City subway station, one drummer captivated a crowd with his unexpected take on Rihanna's hit, "Work."

People — perhaps even going to or from work — stopped for a casual dance party alongside drummer Matt Vorzimer, The eCussionist, as he remixed the original song with heart-pounding drum instrumental breaks.

"Oh my god," someone says from behind the camera as Vorzimer's remix reaches entirely new levels of impressive.

By the end of the video, a massive crowd has gathered around, cheering and singing along. Then, the session concludes with one big group hug and, of course, a selfie. 


Be sure to check out the full video below:

(H/T: Facebook)


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