Pup Cannot Contain His Excitement After Being Saved From Drowning In A River

His tail won't stop wagging!

There are many heroes walking among us.

From that guy holding the elevator door just when you thought you'd never make it to the train, to a random stranger who offers her shoes to a homeless woman, to a kid who donates all of his piggy bank savings to a local mosque.

See, all of these examples prove people like helping each other. But what about when it comes to the animals who need a helping hand?

Lucky enough, there are some inspiring people in many corners of the world who would go to immeasurable lengths to save an animal. Just like these two men in Romania did:


The two men spotted a dog struggling to get out of the river — possibly risking its life.

So they did what any other animal lover would do — took off their shoes and jumped in the river to save the poor pup.

But the best part came afterward!

When the dog was safely brought to the land, it didn't run away, nor did it show any signs of aggression. On the contrary, the dog was so thankful to its saviors that it couldn't stay away and adorably snuggled with one of them.

Check out the full video below:

Now, if you think, "Sure, I would also help, but I've never come across situations like this," we have some news for you.

Every year, 6 to 8 million cats and dogs enter shelters in the United States alone. Only half of them are adopted by new owners. Lend a helping hand — adopt a rescue pet, volunteer in a shelter, or at least donate money to support animal rescue groups.

Because every little bit helps!


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