'80s Icons Molly Ringwald And Jon Cryer Hugged It Out After Their 'Drop The Mic' Battle

"I invented the friend zone just to put you in it."

Nostalgia reigned when Molly Ringwald and Jon Cryer went head to head on Sunday night's new episode of Drop the Mic. The actors starred together as friends Andie and Duckie in the 1986 movie Pretty in Pink, but they didn't hold back in their rap battle.

"I think we're gonna need about 50 more candles," Cryer said in a dig at Ringwald's age, referring to another one of her famous movies, Sixteen Candles. He went on to say of their Pretty in Pink characters, "This is the moment it all hits you that when Andie picked Blane, she picked the wrong dude."


However, Ringwald held her own, telling Cryer, "I invented the friend zone just to put you in it." Later, she offered this dig: "You're five-foot-six, weigh 110 / Now, were the you the half man in Two and a Half Men?"

Of course, it was all in good fun, and the pair couldn't help but be nice to each other in the end. "But I'm gonna be honest, this is too tough to fight," Ringwald rapped to close things. "'Cause there's no one I'd rather be connected to for life." The pair went on to hug it out while the audience aww-ed.

Find out who was declared the winner in the video below:


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