Topanga From 'Boy Meets World' And The 'Jerry Maguire' Kid Face Off On 'Drop The Mic'

The '90s kids are all grown up.

Consider this the ultimate '90s showdown. 

It's as if we've taken a time machine back circa 1996 because two of the decade's most memorable stars — Boy Meets World's Danielle Fishel and Jerry Maguire's Jonathan Lipnicki — just went head to head for Drop the Mic on TBS, and, as per usual, it was as epic.


Perhaps the most-used dig the two took at each other was poking fun at how they're both really only known for one thing — though Fishel was also in Girl Meets World and Lipnicki was in Stuart Little, too. While these two were having a go at how their competition was washed up, we happen to think they both occupy a special place in pop culture history.

Aside from all the friendly fire, there was a whole lot of nostalgic goodness wrapped up in the rap battle.

'When you were on TV the whole world found you dreamy / Now I'm taking you to school, you can call me Mr. Feeny," Lipnicki said in one of his best lines. Another went, "I'm the total package, you're below average / Call me Corey Matthews 'cause you just been Savaged." One, that wasn't Boy Meets World-themed, went, "In a year, Danielle will be driving for Uber / And, if I'm being honest, my first crush was Winnie Cooper."

"Jonathan grew up, man you truly blossomed / It's me versus the guy who's not Haley Joel Osment," Fishel said in one burn. Another highlight went, "You're a tiny twerp trying to be buffer these days / You're essentially like Screech if he trained for MMA." The kicker, though, was, "This boy met the world and you lost to me, dummy / It's been 20 years since someone showed you da money."

Check out the fierce rap battle in the video below:


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