Drone Pilot Flies To The Top Of A Wind Turbine, Never Expects To See This Guy Power Napping

Drone footage FTW.

Can't a man just relax on top of a wind turbine in peace?

Kevin Miller, a drone pilot from San Diego, was using his camera to film footage of a turbine in Rhode Island, 200 feet in the air, according to the Daily Mirror.

"I thought this was my chance to get up close to capture what is usually tough to access. So I decided to drive up to get a super close video while [the turbine] was not in operation," Miller tells the publication.


But surprisingly, as the drone scanned the top of the structure, Miller noticed a man taking a nap, sprawled out right then and there.

"The guy must have been napping because he did not notice the drone for 5-10 seconds, but once he heard it he sat up to take a look," Miller told the publication.

"At that point I decided to take a closer look by moving closer to say hi. Once I got closer I moved the drone side to side to say hello and he motioned back to the drone. It was a cool interaction between us," he adds.

That's one way to catch some rays.

In recent months, drone footage has provided viewers a fascinating perspective on an array of experiences. For example, a guy flew a drone through fireworks in July, and a team of explorers sent drones into an active volcano back in March.

Moreover, drones have the potential to make taco deliveries even better (we know, HOW?!). In July, a drone delivered tacos from a restaurant to a customer and mouths dropped everywhere.

We can only wonder what they'll uncover next.


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