This Drone Appeared In The Sky And Dropped Happiness On Those Below

It was really raining money.

Drones are the hottest thing right now, but one non-profit has found a way to make them even more amazing. 

I Like Giving was founded in 2012 with a simple mission: to spread generosity for its own sake. Their drone, which drops presents from above like a robotic Santa, has reached almost 30 million people.

Scroll down to see exactly what happens when the drone dose one of its gift-laden flyovers. 


Right off the bat, the drone dropped three beach balls onto a pool filled with people trying to beat the heat.

Things got hilarious when it dropped off some doughnuts on top of a police car.

The most amazing part is when the drone does something we all wish would happen to us.

The drone dropped dollar bills onto a crowd, fulfilling everyone's dream of being where it rains money.

It even got a close-up fireworks display after dropping off a delivery in a field.

Check out all of the amazing gifts delivered, simply in the name of human kindness.

Want a chance to use the drone yourself? Check out I Like Giving's website to learn how you can spread generosity and kindness.

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[H/T: Elite Daily]

[All images via: YouTube/I Like Giving]


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