This Driver Was Just Taking Pictures When He Almost Filmed His Own Death

A truck on the loose!

Sometimes life gives you lemons. And sometimes, when you're sitting in traffic, just minding your own business, life gives you out of control semi-trucks speeding towards you. 

YouTube user MrLegolize recorded this adrenaline-pumping footage on southbound Interstate 95 in New Jersey. He was comfortably sitting in his car and waiting for the road to clear out, when he heard a strange noise from behind...

What happened next was just inches away from a terrifying accident.


The near collision was allegedly due to black ice, which caused a number of accidents on Monday, January 19. In the video by MrLegolize, you can see how the truck careens across the road, smashing into the median before it slides to a stop on the opposite lane of the interstate. The car was missed by a whisker.

"Once I turned off camera, I called in 911 and reported the accident. After that I came to the truck and the rest of the cars to verify they were alright. After arrival of NJ State Trooper and his dismissal confirming that he does not require my presence, I left the scene," MrLegolize writes.

If this horrifying car crash wasn't enough to make a point on why driving safety is important, read this story and think again: One Text Changed This Girl's Life Forever.

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