Here Are 13 Reasons To Justify Your Brain's Coffee Cravings, And The Research To Back Them Up

Not that you need anyone’s approval ...

Whether you visit your local coffee house once (or twice) a day, brew a pot at home, or have recently tried America's favorite drink for the first time, chances are someone has something to say about the negative effects associated with this guilty pleasure. Coffee, for most, is a wake-up call, a moment of bliss — pure happiness in a cup. Regardless of the way you drink it, thanks to its popularity, you can basically customize your coffee to your exact liking at most places.

Dripped Coffee recently released a new infographic titled "13 Reasons Your Brain Craves Coffee," which explains some of the reasons why you might crave this commodity. Not only does coffee help boost your energy, but it can also suppress your hunger and even improve your focus. Who doesn't need these during the work day? 

(Sidenote: It also explains why you're not crazy when you say you can't function without your daily dose of joe!)

Add a longer life, more mental ability, fighting depression, and weight loss assistance, and you'll have more than a few positive benefits that make the caffeine in your coffee worth — and holds off the haters. There's no need to go overboard, but continue sipping that cup of happiness, as current medical research and past studies presented here will put the coffee-shamers to rest.


It’s time to reap the benefits of your morning cup of joe. Check out Dripped Coffee’s infographic below:

Courtesy of Dripped Coffee


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