Animator Turns Your Favorite Dreamworks Characters Into 3-D Cupcakes

We'd have no problem biting into their delicious faces.

Fernanda Abarca is a professional artist for Dreamworks Animation in California. She's worked on such films as "The Croods," "Madagascar," "Shrek the Halls, "Kung Fu Panda 2" and more. 

If that isn't enough artistic cred, Abarca brings her animation skills to her online cake boutique business... and she's knocking it out of the park. 

Not only is she popular on social media sites featuring photos and tutorials of her unique edible creations, but she's the one both Disney and Dreamworks call when they want movie-themed treats for their studio events. 

Abarca told A Plus that she and her husband "work hard to make these characters come to life in sugar. For me it's simply a different medium. The process is very similar to 3D. And I try my best to apply as many principles of animation as I can to our work." 

Here are some of her edible cake characters from your favorite animated films. 




"Little Mermaid"


Pig from "Home"

Toothless from "How To Train Your Dragon 2"

Lovebirds (not from a movie, but maybe from your sweetheart)

More from "How To Train Your Dragon 2"


"The Croods"

Toothiana and Sandy from "Rise Of The Guardians"

Jack Frost from "Rise Of The Guardians"

"I love animation and film,  and there is just a joy about bringing these characters to life physically that I can't really describe. I am truly grateful and blessed," Abarca added.

We're grateful too, because they're so super cute they're (almost) too good to eat. 

Photos with permission by Fernanda Abarca.


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