If You're Younger Than 91 Years Old, This Story Will Make You Feel Better About Those Dreams You Haven't Gotten Around To Achieving Yet...

If she can do it, you can too

If you haven't achieved your childhood dreams by the time you're 91, odds are, you never will. But that's no excuse to stop dreaming.

Barbara Beskind always wanted to be an inventor, and as a child during the Great Depression her inventive nature came in handy. 

"I wanted to make a hobby horse," she told Today. "And I made it out of old tires." 

But unfortunately, Beskind was a woman. And in this prehistoric, pre-Beyoncé world, women were not given the freedom to pursue their professional goals. She was told engineering schools would not accept female applicants. 

So she went on to work as an occupational therapist in the Army. She learned plenty of skills and held a number of jobs, but never had the chance to be an actual inventor



She's 91 years old, but she didn't land her dream job until two years ago. After feeling inspired by an episode of 60 Minutes, she applied via snail mail to IDEO — a trendy design firm in the trendiest place for a trendy company to reside: Silicon Valley.

IDEO designed the first mouse for Apple in addition to many other game-changing devices. 

Beskind goes into the IDEO office once a week (Thursdays) and focuses on brainstorming innovations related to aging. Of course, Beskind knows much more about the aging process than her 20-something colleagues. But this job has become her mechanism for staying young.

She smiles while describing her "second family" to Today.

"On Thursdays," she said. "I feel 30 years younger."


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