12 Striking Photos Showing People’s Current Jobs And Their Childhood Fantasy Jobs

"Life can take you in unexpected directions, you never know what it has in store for you."

When you were a kid, what did you dream of becoming as an adult? Did you want to do exactly what your dad did? Become a celebrity? Own your own business? How does your childhood dream compare to what you're doing now? 

This is the idea Mumbai-based student Deeksha Rathore wanted to explore in her striking photography series Dreamcatcher. The series features 12 diptychs that show the contrast between people's current jobs and the one they dreamed of as a child. 

"The inspiration came to me from one of the several conversations I've had with my mother about the future. It's only natural for someone my age – I'll be 21 this year – to worry about what he/she is going to do after graduation," Rathore told A Plus. "She has always told me not to worry so much and that '30 years down the line, you could be doing something completely different!' I wanted to explore this idea. So, I began talking to people close to me, asking them what they wanted to be." 

Rathore created the photo series as part of a project for her college photography class, but the project has spread far beyond her classroom — and everyone has different takes. 

"Some think of it has 'heartbreaking.' It has moved some people to tears and they have internalized it as a message, inspiring them to fulfill their dreams," she said. "Many have seen themselves in the people I've photographed and shared their stories. It's been overwhelming to see the impact my work has had. Despite its Indian context, the project seems to stir emotions that have a universal appeal." 

As far as the message Rathore meant to send with the series? It's simple. "Life can take you in unexpected directions, you never know what it has in store for you," she said. "I created this project, not with the intention to highlight the relief or regret experienced by these very real individuals, but to simply contrast a dream and a reality." 

You can view the photos from the series below. 


1. The House Help vs. The Bharatanatyam Dancer

2. The Paan Seller vs. The Security Guard

3. The Mithai (Indian Sweets) Maker vs. The Fashion Designer

4. The Doctor vs. The Cricketer

5. The Vegetable Seller vs. The Cook

6. The Bartender vs. The Corporate Employee

7. The Air Hostess vs. The DJ

8. The Jeweler vs. The Air Hostess

9. The Rickshaw Driver vs. The Artist

10. The Juice Wala vs. The Army Officer

11. The Mochi (Shoemaker) vs. The Policeman

12. The Salesman vs. The Professional Carrom Player


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