These Drawings On Money Are Museum-Worthy

Making it rain works of art.

When Andy Warhol said "Making money is art," he might not have meant that drawing on money is art.

But for some artists, cash is their canvass even though there are legal consequences for drawing on money. Still, those artists risk it to create magnificent drawings on cash with just a pen and an imagination.

Here are some of these outstanding examples that are museum-worthy.


1. Because the old $5 bill was too mainstream.

2. It will cost you more than $10 to buy this game.

3. Money doesn't grow on... you know.

4. This dollar will send you to the "Dark Side of the Moon."

5. E=MCash

6. This is great for bribing cops.

7. Commander-In-Chef

8. In Batman we trust.

9. I pity the fool who doesn't have this $50 bill.

10. This artist was monkeying around.

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