A Dirty, Hungry Dog Living In A Sewer Gets A Makeover After His Rescue

The rescuers were worried he'd suffer the same fate as his friend.

A kind citizen made an urgent call about a scared little dog in a sewer. Two rescue groups, Hope For Paws and Rescue From The Heart, teamed up to save him.


They weren't going to let that happen to the second dog. 

It was dark, but the rescue team made their way to the sewer, where they spotted the little guy.

As they approached, the dog got frightened and ran further down the tunnel.

They followed to find him hiding behind a chair.

He struggled to get away, but eventually one man was able to gain a bit of trust.

Through his dirty, wet fur, it was easy to see that he hadn't eaten for quite some time.

The moppy little fellow finally allowed the man to pick him up and take him back to the rescue house.

The transformation was quick. It wasn't long before his mood started to brighten.

A little human contact goes a long way.

He was so hungry that the rescuers had to give him "bitty"-sized foods to stop him from eating too fast.

That's how one of the rescuers came up with his new name.

Bitty was ready for the next step.

3.9 million dogs enter shelters every year. If you're interested in rescuing one, you can also check out your local shelter. 

Watch the dramatic rescue and transformation of Bitty in the video below. 

Share with your friends and help Bitty and his friends find a forever home. 


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