Watch Drake Pump Iron To Taylor Swift In His New Apple Music Commercial

If only she were there to spot him.

You remember Taylor Swift's Apple Music commercial, right? You know, the one where this happened?


As you may recall, the music Taylor was listening to during her treadmill fail was Drake's "Jumpman." That's important to remember, because Drake premiered his own Apple Music commercial during last night's American Music Awards, with — you guessed it — Taylor Swift's music providing the soundtrack.

In the clip, Drake's personal trainer leaves him alone during a workout. It's the perfect opportunity to put on a "Pop Workout" playlist and lip-synch to Taylor's "Bad Blood," complete with dance break. (If you saw Drake's "Hotline Bling" video, you know what that looks like.) Then it's time to get a few reps in on the bench.

If only Taylor were there in person to spot him. Otherwise this unfortunate incident may have been avoided.

If you're wondering what Taylor herself thinks of the video, she seems to love it. The singer, whom Drake described as "a sweetheart" after her commercial premiered earlier this year, shared Drizzy's take on social media with a few approving emojis.

Watch Drake's full commercial below, but maybe don't try it at home:


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