Drake Does A Rihanna Impression On 'SNL' To Remind Us He's 'More Than A Meme'

"Trying to say you really care about me / But then you put my picture on E.T."

Over the weekend, Drake took the Saturday Night Live stage for his second hosting stint, and things started off both musical and tongue-in-cheek. During his opening monologue, the host spent a few moments addressing an issue that's been bugging him. Namely, the public's seemingly never-ending obsession with turning him into memes.

From jokes about his dancing in the "Hotline Bling" video to Photoshopped versions of his dramatic Views album cover, the people of the internet just can't get enough of turning Drake into silly viral content. But he's not quite as amused by it as we are, so he put his feelings into a song.


"I just want to scream / That I’m more than a meme."

While showing a few examples of the memes that have hurt him most ("Are you gonna finish those fries?"), Drake croons such lyrics as, "Trying to say you really care about me / But then you put my picture on E.T."

But it doesn't stop there. After briefly turning the tables on the cast and the audience, Drake dons a wig and channels his collaborator Rihanna to further defend himself. He even winks at their rumored romance, singing, "I swear we're only friend friend friend friend friends."

Watch Drake’s entire meme-tastic monologue below:


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