Drake Posts A Touching Letter From 2006 Thanking His Mom For Helping Him Conquer His eBay Addiction

We've been there, even Drizzy.

We've all been there as teenagers.


Wanting something so bad that we saw online, but slowly realizing we weren't quite ballin' like we thought.

Turns out, Drake was once just like us: broke, living with mom, and struggling to make eBay payments on Evisu jeans. OK, we probably weren't buying Evisu jeans, but still.

The rapper posted a funny letter he wrote to his mom, way back before he was dancing with Rihanna across the globe and shouting out Jimmy Iovine for his $20 million Apple Music deal.

The time was 2006 and Drake had yet to top the charts with his breakout single, "Best I Ever Had."

He was still relatively unknown and was struggling to make his eBay payments. So he had to rely on his mom, Sandi Graham, to help him out of his bind. 

He wrote to his mom that since he was spending out of control, he cancelled his WireImage subscription and was going to do whatever it took to pay her back for getting him out of debt.

We aren't sure how Drake paid her back then, but he said that she will be "reimbursed fully through several methods and or means of payments."

He then signed the letter "Your BIZ partner, Aubrey Graham," along with his character's name from Degrassi, Jimmy.

He added in the caption that he wouldn't be where he is today without his mom and "most likely settled this debt." 

Yeah, it's safe to say that he paid her back in full and then some. The struggles were real in 2006. Read his full letter below:

In related Drizzy news, the OVO CEO met up with the inspirational Brandon Wechsler over the weekend.

Some family members were a little salty they didn't get to meet Drake, too. Wechsler had a little fun with them, retweeting them on his timeline.

Fans also posted some warming messages, letting Wechsler know that he is certainly the coolest person on the internet.

Not going to lie, super jealous right now.


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