'Nothing Was The Same' After Drake Performed 'Know Yourself' For The First Time In Toronto

"You know how that sh*t goes!"

This past week Drizzy Drake Rodgers hit up the 6 side on The Jungle tour.


Before the show, there were rumors that Drake was going to perform the massive hit, "Know Yourself" live for the first time in front of his hometown.

Before he hit up Toronto, Drake had been touring with Future on The Jungle tour in other spots like Houston, but he was saving this one for his "woes" up North.

In fact, it is the most streamed track on Drake's Spotify channel with over 50,000,000 views.

Watch Drake "Run through the 6 wit his woes" in the clip below. Be aware of the pyro!

You can check out Drake performing "6 Man" on an earlier tour date below.


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