Drake Attempts To Master The Kinko's Office Lingo In Never-Before-Seen SNL Sketch

"Welcome to the Kink"

In this never-before-seen SNL sketch, Derek (Drake) begins a new job at the "Kink," a.k.a., Kinkos.


However, as with any new job, there is some pre-established office lingo that he must learn.

First, you definitely don't respond to an "OK cool" with an "OK cool." 

That's a no-no D-Man.

His hair is great, he is athletic, but there are just some office politics you have to learn first Der-Bear. You just don't respond with a "Da Business," there D-Slice.

Ya see D-Rex, the job sucks, but the banter is what makes it do-able. You have to listen. You have to see the patterns Baby D. Jumpin' in way too fast.

We'll see if D-Man can get this right. Watch below. That hair is so smooth, though.


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