Drake May Have Chaperoned His Cousin To The Prom, But He Made Sure The Night Was All About Her

Talk about a teenage dream.

Celebrities have crazy schedules, and sometimes it may be hard for them to see their families at the moments that count. However, If you're thinking that Drake's massive tours, Toronto Raptors promotion, and studio time are stopping him from being a great cousin, you might be surprised. 


The Canadian superstar has a reputation for making random appearances for the people he admires, especially when it comes to Rihanna, every popular Southern rapper out now, and certain sports teams. The More Life rapper apparently chaperoned his little cousin Jalaah Moore and her date this weekend as the three attended Fairley High School's prom in Memphis, Tenn.  — a city that's a second home for Drake, as he visited his father there throughout his childhood. But on this night, he wasn't the star of the show, instead of playing support for the young couple. The "Hotline Bling" singer provided a white Rolls Royce for the pair and, after the prom, threw an after-party for Moore at Hard Rock Caf, according to TMZ. The rapper even posted the special moment on social media in the form of a photo of his cousin and her date.

This moment proves that although Drake is known for making radio hits, he never forgets where he came from or about his family. He once again proved that notion by showing up at his cousin's prom in support of her. Although Drake's time with his cousin generated a wanting for him at other high school proms this season, it seems for now he's content simply being a good family man and chaperone.

(H/T: TMZ)


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