Dr. Hamilton Demonstrates 'The Hold' To Stop Babies From Crying In Tanzania

So simple, yet so effective.

Back in December a video of a doctor calming crying babies went viral. The video earned over 18 million views on YouTube for good reason — no one likes to hear a baby cry, and everyone wishes there was a magic trick to make them stop. 

Turns out "The Hold" is that magic trick.  In the video,  Santa Monica pediatrician Dr. Robert Hamilton shows us how it's done: All you have to do is hold the baby's bum with your dominant hand, then gently secure the baby's folded arms against its chest. Then hold the baby at a 45 degree angle, and gently rock. The amazing trick seems to work every time, but Dr. Hamilton aka the Baby Whisperer wanted to find out if works on children around the world. 


In a recent video, he demonstrates "The Hold" method on babies in Tanzania.

As the doctor examines a baby it begins to cry, but as soon as the doctor picks the little boy up in the special hold the baby immediately stops. 

According to the YouTube description, Dr. Hamilton was in Africa with Lighthouse Medical Missions, an organization that gives free medical care and meds to people in need. 

Check out the video below:


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