Your Baby Will Never Cry Again If You Use This Amazing Technique

"Just shake his little booty."

Dr. Robert Hamilton is like the baby whisperer. Except the magic isn't in his voice, but his hands.

The pediatrician recently uploaded a YouTube video that shows off his very special technique that he uses to calm a crying baby (preferably babies three months old or younger). Amazingly, the technique even works on babies who were just administered shots. 

Here is his technique in four basic steps:

1. Fold the arms across the chest.

2. Secure the arms gently.

3. Gently grab diaper area with dominant hand.

4. Rock the baby at 45 degree angle (and maybe even "shake their booty").

If that doesn't work, Dr. Hamilton suggests two potential explanations: either your baby is ill, or they are hungry!


Check out his amazing video below:


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