Here's The Most Absurd Dating Ad Of 2015. You're Welcome.

Would you date any of these people?

Looking for a special someone? A honey to keep you warm on a cold winter's night? How about that one person to grow old with?  

Well, Downtown Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada released a video earlier this month advertising some of Canada's finest prospects.


This lady was one of them.

So was this guy.

Would you go on a date with him?

Come on. This one doesn't look half bad.

Neither does this one:

Now watch the full ad here, because it's completely ridiculous. Just TRY not to laugh. JUST TRY.

But when you read the YouTube video description, suddenly it all makes sense. 

It's actually an ad for Downtown Halifax, with this brilliant slogan: "Finding the right date is hard. The rest we've made easy."

Yup, the ad is a fake with actors, making the point that finding who to go out with is the difficult part, but at least Downtown Halifax makes finding the what to do easy. 

Now, that's some brilliant advertising right there. 

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