Men Chose A Door Based On Penis Size. Guess Which One Most Walked Through?

Interesting how men pretty much all chose the same door.

First, they asked women.


Personal care company Dove asked women to choose between two doors in a recent ad. One door was labeled "average" while the other was labeled "beautiful." The video went viral as many viewers related to the women in the video who chose the "average" door. 

The idea was to promote positive body image by challenging women to bypass the average door by embracing their own unique beauty. 

But what if they had asked men?

Again, there would be two doors to choose from, as seen in the video below, made in response to the original Dove ad. 

Interestingly, most of the men don't struggle with the choice. They pretty much all walk through the same door. 

Full disclosure:

The video isn't a real social experiment, but a hilarious Funny or Die parody of Dove's ad. And in this case, the door signs are titled "Average Dick" and "Big Dick." You can probably guess which door the comedy site filmed all the men walking through. 

The parody points out that although men may also have body image issues such as penis size anxiety, they likely often wouldn't admit it. In fact, they might even put on a show of being cocky about their bodies.

And parody turned out to be the perfect medium to deliver that message in.

Watch the parody for your daily laugh.

Share it so all men can feel above average. 


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