Dove And Gymnast Shawn Johnson Team Up For The #MyBeautyMySay Campaign

Setting the bar higher.

"[Her] ass is … quality."

"Girl-next-door good looks."

"Built like a fire hydrant."

These are just a few of the snubs commenters have said about female athletes. Even Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson became the target of invasive judgments about her physical appearance instead of her athletic performances.

"In interviews, I was asked, 'Do you think you'll be successful since you have a different body style than a normal gymnast?' Journalists, commentators, and anchors kept comparing my body to those of my teammates as a way to question my performance skillset, and it didn't stop there," the 24-year-old gymnast penned in an open letter.

Johnson doesn't want the next generation of female athletes to go through this, which is why she announced this week that she is joining #MyBeautyMySay, Dove's campaign to fight this sexism.

"I feel like our world today is pushing beauty over athleticism for young girls," Johnson told Mashable. "I want to be an advocate to change that."

The #MyBeautyMySay campaign will shed light on the way that the media currently perceives female athletes on their appearances and solutions to end that.

"Let's put an end to a world where women's athletics involve pressure to compete for things that have nothing to do with their sport: to become the world's sexiest female athlete, or land a coveted magazine cover," Johnson wrote in a letter with Dove. "After all, certain stories or photo shoots can wind up objectifying who you are instead of respecting you as an athlete."

The campaign will be promoted with billboards in major cities that will display actual comments made to women in sports. Here's the billboard for the campaign in New York City:


The campaign is also using a YouTube video to promote the message.

And they are encouraging people to share their campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #MyBeautyMySay.


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