Dove's #RealDads Campaign Celebrates Dads For Being The Caregivers They Are

"There’s no one 'right' way. Only your way."

In 2017, you might think we've moved beyond the notion that a mom must act one way, and a dad another. Yet, many parents still feel beholden to traditional parental roles and feel judged if they act outside them. Dove is challenging these ideas with its latest campaigns. 

The brand recently celebrated all forms of motherhood with its #RealMoms campaign, and now it is putting dads in the spotlight with #RealDads.

Like the beauty brand's previous parenting videos, the #RealDads campaign seeks to break down rigid ideas of what it means to be a dad, and what it means to be a good parent. 


The resounding message is that, "No matter which way you care for your baby, just know there's no one 'right' way. Only your way."

Its aim is to show that parenting can take many forms. The video's description reads, "Baby Dove hopes to help build the confidence of all new parents and depict a more broad and inclusive portrait of modern parenting. #RealDads is a celebration of new dads in their roles as caregivers, and inspires all parents to trust their way."

In the video, we see various dads raising their kids, but all in their own unique ways. We see dads sledding with their kids, one dad bathing his baby, and another shopping with his child.

Each father is doing things his way and owning it.

According to HuffPost, the #RealDad campaign is based on research from the Dove Men + Care Brand which showed a majority of ad campaigns depict dads as providers and fail to show the emotional and caregiving sides that numerous dads are involved in. Dove's previous research for the new Baby Dove collection also showed many parents feel pressured to fit into rigid stereotypes and strive to be the "perfect" parent. So, the video is helping to combat this.

Dove has gained a reputation for its body positive beauty campaigns which celebrate being who you are, and the #RealDads and #RealMoms videos are now helping to spread a positive message to parents.


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