Dove Does It Again With Another Beautiful Campaign Celebrating Women, In All Their Unique Glory

"We want women everywhere to celebrate what makes them unique."

The beauty industry is undergoing a much-needed makeover. Magazines, models, and several brands have stepped up to say that diversity is so much more beautiful than any singular, unrealistic ideal. 

Most recently, Dove, a brand that has become known for challenging beauty stereotypes with its advertisements, launched its "#RealBeauty Is Universal" campaign in the Philippines. The campaign challenges perceived notions of women's beauty standards and aims to show that beauty can, and should be, inclusive. 

"The world over is experiencing a real movement towards liberating the definitions of beauty and we want women everywhere to celebrate what makes them unique – their features, their roles, and their sense of pride in being who they are, as they are," Neil Trinidad, Marketing Director for Dove Masterbrand, says in a press release. "For the last 60 years, we have supported women, all over the world, to see beauty as a source of confidence and avenue of true self-expression, and never of anxiety. Through this campaign, we not only wanted the opportunity to work with so many women from diverse backgrounds, but also encourage conversations towards evolving to a wider definition of beauty in the Philippines,"


The campaign encourages women to celebrate what makes them beautiful both inside and out. "From the young daydreamer to the devoted educator; the radiant and curvy multi-tasking mom-of-two to the designer who's learning to love her gray locks—everyone can be beautiful in their diversity," the video's description reads

The ad features women of different heights, body types, hair textures and styles — curly, straight, short, gray-haired, and even blue-and-green haired. Women who are pierced, tattooed, or choose to wear a hijab were also shown. However, some have criticized the campaign for only including able-bodied women. Perhaps, the team at Dove will take this criticism to heart and will be more inclusive of differently-abled women in its future advertisements. 

"With this campaign, Dove hopes to continue inspiring women to develop a positive relationship with beauty, because when women recognize their potential for beauty, they have the powerful ability to positively impact the next generation," Trinidad says.


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