Dove Shows Women How Harsh Their Inner Critics Really Sound

Bravo, Dove!

Imagine overhearing a conversation between two young women. One of them says things like this.



And maybe even this.

Your reaction?

But don't rush to judgement just yet.

The entire conversation was staged by Dove to demonstrate how harsh women can be about their own bodies.

According to The Inspiration Room, Dove France and advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather Paris invited a bunch of women to participate in their project "My Thoughts." The women were asked to document their personal opinions about their appearances.

Dove then turned the most negative thoughts into an actual conversation between two actresses and asked them to play it out in front of the unsuspecting participants.

Watch the full video to see what happened next.

The #OneBeautifulThought campaign is based on a Dove interactive poll of 428 French women, aged 18 to 65, from February, 2015. According to Dove France, it revealed that "only 8 percent of French women feel confident about their beauty and only 3 percent feel really beautiful."

Additionally, the survey showed that 65 percent of women agree having positive thoughts really boosts their confidence and self-esteem, but only a meager 10 percent are in the habit of articulating them to others.

Dove representative says the company hopes to "inspire a debate on how women are their harshest critics" and help make a positive change in their self-perception.

After all, if this kind of behavior seems inappropriate towards others, it only makes sense to stop doing it to yourself.


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