Dove Strapped Men To Heart Monitors And Showed Them Pictures Of Models Versus Pictures Of Loved Ones

Their hearts told us everything.

Leave it to Dove to remind us that beauty is more than skin deep in a viral video. In their latest ad for Dove Portugal, they conducted an experiment with real men to compare their reaction to seeing picture perfect models versus their loved ones. They sat the participants down in front of a huge screen and strapped them to heart monitors in order to measure their emotional response to the images they'd be shown. 


First, the men saw images of striking models and were asked to describe their thoughts and feelings toward them.

They described these women as "perfect," "pretty," and "unfriendly."

Then, to their surprise, women and girls they actually knew appeared on screen.

Now, they had to describe their thoughts towards their wives, sisters, daughters and grandmothers.

These images not only caused the men's heart rates to rise on the monitor, but also resulted in much more admirable and heartfelt descriptions.

The video ends with the tagline, "Real beauty touches the heart." It serves as a reminder that women don't need to try to live up to the airbrushed and Photoshopped perfection they see in magazines because sharing memories, love, and kindness is what makes us truly beautiful.  

Watch the entire video below:

(H/T: Adweek


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