This Company Asked Women Who Are Blind About Beauty. Their Answers Were Truly Eye-Opening.


Meet Anna, Ida and Naomi, three gorgeous women from Sweden who happen to be blind.


Personal care company Dove invited them for an interview in the hopes of answering a kind of curious question: "How do you know that you are beautiful if you can't see your reflection in the mirror?"

Their answers were nothing short of perfection.

According to all three respondents, their idea of beauty has much more to do with their state of mind  than their physical appearance:

"It comes from within. If you radiate warmth, humility and love, then you're beautiful to me."

The video is part of Dove's "Choose Beautiful" campaign, which started with a unique social experiment where women around the world were asked to enter through doors labeled as either "beautiful" or "average." 

Dove says their goal is to make women feel empowered to feel beautiful every single day. And we are definitely in support of that.

Turn on the subtitles and watch the full video below.

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