What Dove Did For A Few Curly-Haired Little Girls Will Bring You To Tears

"It doesn't really feel good to have curly hair."

Only one out of four curly-haired girls think their hair is beautiful. 

That's the stat behind Dove's newest ad, "Love Your Curls." In the ad, they talk to little girls of different ages and races who have curly hair, and what they discover is not good. 

"I think about my hair that I don't want it any more," one little girl says. 

"That feeling makes me sad," says another. 

To help the girls feel more confident, Dove asked their mothers to wear their hair curly, too. Then, they gave them a huge surprise: friends and family letting their curls fly free while singing and dancing. 

Dove is known for their emotional and body positive marketing, and this video has hit home.

"Ive always hated my curls, all of my friends had gorgeous straight hair and they always looked so good. I wanted that for so long, i never liked my hair," one commenter noted. "No one says girls with curly hair look cute, models always have straight flowing hair. This dove commercial really helped me think of my hair differently and im thankful for that."

(H/T: Jezebel)


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