The 3 Words Doug Jones And His Wife Said To Their Son When He Came Out

His heartfelt response should come as no surprise.

Doug Jones, the newly elected future senator from Alabama, ran a campaign based in equity and equality for all, so it should come as no surprise that the now 63-year-old politician had sweet and touching reaction when his son, Carson, came out as gay.

Carson, who now works as a zookeeper in Denver, recalled coming out to his parents about two years ago while he was working at a zoo in Australia. Though that country just formally legalized gay marriage, Carson decided to come out to his parents the day the United States Supreme Court legalized marriage equality in a historic June 2015 ruling. While driving to work down under Carson saw multiple rainbows, and took that as a sign it was time to tell his parents.

So according to a recent interview with IntoMore, Carson, now 22, wrote a blog post and texted his mom, Louise, to "read it now."


Though Carson grew up in the affluent and conservative town of Mountain Brook, Alabama, his parents never wavered in their support after he came out. "I love you," Carson recalled them saying at the time.

And while the younger Jones admitted to shedding some tears on election night 2016 out of fear for how the results might impact his own life, his dad's campaign and historic win has given him, and many others, a great deal of hope. HuffPost notes Jones was endorsed by The Human Rights Campaign — the nation's largest LGBTQ rights group — nearly two months before the special election, while The Advocate reports Jones has spoken out against President Trump's ban on transgender troops and is said to be a supporter of same-sex marriage.

Conversely, Jones' former opponent Roy Moore was most recently removed from the Alabama Supreme Court for attempting to block same-sex marriages in the state. Per IntoMore, Moore also attempted to prevent a lesbian mother from visitation rights to her kids back when he was a circuit court judge, and has said he believes homosexuality should be illegal. That's to make nothing of the fact that Moore was also accused of inappropriate sexual contact by multiple women, though he has denied those allegations.

Since Carson was raised in a conservative town he was once wary of showing any PDA (even in Denver) and was reluctant to hold hands with another man in public, but now he's happy embrace even the smallest gestures. "It's little moments like that which tell me that things are getting better," Carson concludes to IntoMore. "That's what I have to believe. And after the results on Tuesday, I don't just believe it — I know it."


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