This Girl Has Figured Out The Perfect Way To Take Selfies

Step up your selfie game.

Over 1 million selfies are taken daily. The only problem is, they all kind of look the same. But here's a chance to step up your game real easy — take a 'donut selfie'.

This simple but fun technique is a brainchild of Karen X. Cheng and lets you create beautiful panoramic shots of yourself and your surroundings. The camera looks like it's floating in space and through your head. 

How neat is THAT? (Very neat, seriously.)


The idea to create a donut selfie hit Karen when she and her friend were playing around trying to make optical illusions using their phone cameras. 

"I did one that was from one side of my head to the other - made a donut around my head - and the video started looping and woahhhh that looks cool. Soon enough I was running all around the city trying to get cool shots, playing with slo mo effects and iPhone lens attachments, and this is the result!" Karen says on her website.

As you can see, the process is very simple. Using the front-facing camera on your smartphone, take a video orbit the camera from one side of your head to the other. Repeat it as many times as you like and then edit everything together into the final video.

Go to Karen's YouTube channel to see a three-part tutorial for additional help.   

Can't lie, it made us crave donuts so bad...

(H/T: PetaPixel)

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