He Passed Out Resumes At A Ball Game All For The Sake Of His Family

Let's help his story be heard.

Redditor Fitmiss posted n photo of a man standing outside of Busch Stadium on Imgur late Wednesday night and the image is going viral.

Fitmiss captioned the picture: "This man lost his job and is struggling to provide for his family. Today he was standing outside of Busch Stadium, but he is not asking for hand outs. He is doing what it really takes."


The photograph shows a man in a shirt and tie passing out resumes and holding a sign.

As it turns out, he's a veteran with a wife and 14-month-old daughter.

According to CBS St. Louis, his name is Donald Grooms and he's a former combat medic with the U.S. Army Reserves. Mr. Grooms has been unemployed since April 30. 

His LinkedIn profile indicates that he has experience as a business administrator and holds a degree in chiropractic care.

Grooms' wife Jennifer took the photo yesterday and posted it to Facebook. From there, it found its way to Reddit ... and went viral.

A Plus Senior Editor Mandy Velez interviewed Mr. Grooms by email.

A Plus: After months of searching, when did it occur to you to stand outside and hand out resumes? Had you seen it elsewhere? What was the catalyst?

Donald Grooms: With only twenty possible weeks of unemployment insurance and only about three weeks left before it runs out I knew I had to get some leads. I tried several job boards and LinkedIn, and my search was leading me nowhere. I've sent out several hundred resumes and was getting nowhere either.  I had to think outside the box.  

A Plus: What is your job experience specifically in?

Donald Grooms: I'm a jack of all trades. I have ten years experience with healthcare, education and business administration. 

A Plus: Why did your other company let you go?

Donald Grooms: Their biggest client chose another route to get products leaving a dramatic decrease in sales. My job was eliminated to cut costs. The company I worked for was a great company and felt sorry for having to let me go. 

A Plus: Can you explain the sicknesses your wife and child has? How long has your wife been sick?

Donald Grooms: My wife was just diagnosed Tuesday night with Pneumonia. My daughter has also had coughing and breathing difficulties but was not given clear diagnoses. Both have been steadily getting sick for weeks. I left my sick wife and daughter home to hand out resumes. 

A Plus: Have you been to any interviews yet and/or any job offers that stood out to you? 

Donald Grooms: I have not had any formal interviews as of yet. However, I have been contacted by some non-profit organizations. That appeals to me because I am all about community. I love St. Louis and this is a great place to be interested in service and community. Since last night's photo going viral, I do have an inbox of emails I'm sifting through in sorting out what may be legitimate opportunities. 

He recently added this post to Facebook:

"I am trying hard to keep up with everyone's messages. We have been so overwhelmed with responses from my handing out my resume at the Cardinals game. As you may know, my wife was just diagnosed with pneumonia last night and our daughter is also sick. Therefore, I have to take a break tonight to help take care of them. It was so awesome that she shared my information, and I am so glad that so many of you responded. I will be back at this early in the AM. Till then, how can we best connect? Perhaps this will help.

LinkedIn is: www.linkedin.com/in/donaldgrooms 

My email is: dgroomsii@gmail.com."

Mr. Grooms is looking for work in the greater St. Louis area. In a press release cited by CBS St. Louis, he writes, "I am amazed that my LinkedIn profile was seen over 500 times in the last 12 hours, and now I have more than 50 emails detailing job opportunities I may be qualified for,"

According to the Missouri Department of Labor, unemployment there is at 5.8%. 

Although it's an encouraging sign, that statistic is meaningless if you're one of the 5.8% that is unemployed.

If you know of a way to help Mr. Grooms, please reach out to him and let him know that A Plus sent you.


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