Donald Trump's Latest Twitter Gaffe: He Messed With A 'Modern Family' Writer And Got More Than He Bargained For

Pro tip: Don't pick a fight with someone who writes jokes for a living. It won't end well for you.

Oh Donald Trump, why do you keep doing this to yourself? The real estate mogul is known for getting into prolonged, pointless Twitter wars with his political opponents, during which he often embarrasses himself or provides more material for the other side. This was never more true than in 2013, when a Modern Family writer-producer and Trump began a Twitter war with one another. The writer, Danny Zuker, was obviously trying to get a rise out of Trump and to air his political grievances. And, typically, Trump took the bait hook, line and sinker.

Zuker has been a Trump antagonist for quite a while. Clearly, he just doesn't like the guy. Just this week, Zuker has tweeted a variety of colorful insults at the presidential hopeful. Part of being a celebrity on Twitter is that you run the risk of getting called out. Most people brush it off or learn to ignore their haters.

But Trump can't let a single comment slide. He has engaged in heated exchanges with Zuker and he never comes out the winner. Their fight began when Zuker responded to a tweet in which Trump claimed he's "been warning about China since as early as the '80s." Zuker responded, ".@RealDonaldTrump You've always been tough on China, sir. Particularly the children who make your shitty clothes." Zuker attached a picture of a shirt from Trump's clothing line, with the phrase "Made in China" clearly visible on the tag. Ouch.

That's all it took for these two to get into it:


Most people in the public eye know never to respond when they're being provoked — especially if the challenge comes from someone beloved, such as Zuker. But Trump just couldn't resist.

Bingo: that's exactly what Zuker was looking for.


He's got you there.

We can only imagine how angry Trump is getting. 

But he should have quit while he was ahead.

And thus ends the historic Trump-Zuker match of 2013. Winner: Zuker, by a landslide.

Image credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr


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