Donald Trump Said The Paralympics Are 'Tough To Watch.' They Beg To Differ.

"We hope the US President continues to watch and be inspired."

With one simple tweet, the Paralympic Games spoke volumes in response to President Donald Trump's recent comments calling them "tough to watch." The remarks occurred during a speech by Trump welcoming Olympic and Paralympic athletes to the White House this past Friday.


"What happened with the Paralympics was so incredible and so inspiring to me," Trump said during the event. "And I watched — it's a little tough to watch too much, but I watched as much as I could."

Many took issue with this comment, with some pointing out that Trump had previously mocked a reporter with a disability at a rally during his campaign for president.

The Paralympic Games responded to Trump on Twitter the next day. "Record numbers around the world are not finding @Paralympics tough to watch," shared the organization, which brings together athletes with disabilities from around the world to compete in a variety of events. 

"Billions of viewers now take in the Paralympics in hundreds of countries around the world," they continued. "We hope the US President continues to watch and be inspired by the Paralympics."

The tweet has since earned more than 13,000 likes. One user echoed former First Lady Michelle Obama's advice to praise how the organization responded: "When he goes low, we go high." Another replied of the games, "I felt uplifted — NOT hard to watch."

Indeed, as we see year after year, Paralympians perform amazing feats in their respective sports — sometimes even outperforming Olympians. As the Guardian reports, the world record times for athletes in wheelchairs beat those of able-bodied runners in every distance race over 400 meters.

During the 2016 Paralympics, the top four runners in the 1,500-meter T13 final (for athletes with visual impairments) finished with times faster than Olympic gold medalist Matthew Centrowitz Jr. in the same year. As most who follow the Paralympics would probably agree, there's nothing "tough to watch" about that.

(H/T: The Hill)

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