A New Time's Up PSA Answers Some Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Harassment

Directed by Rashida Jones, narrated by Donald Glover.

The #MeToo movement has started an important conversation, both in and out of Hollywood, about sexual harassment and assault. In a new animated public service announcement from the Time's Up initiative, narrator Donald Glover answers a few questions many people may still have about what is and isn't acceptable in the workplace.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the clip was directed by Rashida Jones and animated by Blue Seat Studios. In one example, Glover reminds viewers that "unwelcome touching" such as a "deep, full-body hug" or "mouth kiss" should be avoided, even if the intention behind the gesture isn't sexual. 


The PSA later suggests a few questions to consider before asking a co-worker on a date: "What kind of power dynamic exists? Are you their boss? Do you have a more secure job? Is there a possibility that this person might fear getting fired if they say no or report you?"

Jones told BuzzFeed that the video is meant to "explain that there are these nuanced dynamics that are happening when there's a power imbalance." It was also a deliberate choice to have a male narrator. As Jones explained, "It's been a tough conversation to include men in, because I think there are a lot of things women feel men have not understood up until now, and they don't feel like it's their job to educate them."

Unfortunately, it seems that how-to videos such as this one are still necessary in order to explain what constitutes sexual harassment. Last year, Tracee Ellis Ross read a fake children's book on Jimmy Kimmel Live! titled The Handsy Man, which broke down inappropriate behavior. As Ross said, "I shouldn't have to say this crap."

An actual book called The ABC's of Sexual Harassment debuted earlier this year, with proceeds benefitting Time's Up. Before that, a funny clip from BBC Two's The Mash Report spelled out "how not to sexually harass someone."

Meanwhile, Time's Up is doing more than just producing PSAs. The initiative's legal defense fund has raised millions of dollars and is already putting that money toward helping women in low-paying jobs file sexual harassment lawsuits against their employers — including Walmart and McDonald's.

Check out the full PSA in the video below:

(H/T: IndieWire)


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