Donald Glover Buys 113 Boxes Of Cookies From Girl Scout Who Remixed His Song To Sell Samoas

"Childish Gambino’s for the children, man."

If you find yourself craving Girl Scout cookies anytime soon, just ask Donald Glover for a few. Stephen Colbert recently surprised the Atlanta creator and star by bringing out a little girl whose video went viral thanks to a catchy tune set to Childish Gambino's song "Redbone" that was meant to help sell those tasty treats.


The Late Show host asked Glover if he had seen the clip and, when he said "yes," asked the 34-year-old if he would like to buy some. That's when the six-year-old girl, whose name is Charity Joy, came out and made the entire studio collectively go "aww."

Being the great young businesswoman she is, Charity had brought an order form for Glover to fill out. When Colbert asked what he was ordering, the Emmy winner said he would buy 113 boxes since that's what Charity needed to reach her goal. The two bonded over a love of Thin Mints and proceeded to pass boxes out to the audience.

"Childish Gambino's for the children, man," Glover said, expressing pride that the little girl is from an Atlanta suburb. "It's beautiful but it's also crazy to me. I never was like 'I'll make this and then one day a little girl will sell Girl Scout cookies to it.' It's pretty great. A lot of people sent that to me. I was really touched."

You can watch the segment, which begins around the 7:30 mark, in the video below:

The act of selling Girl Scout cookies teaches these young ladies many lessons, one former Girl Scout explained. The author — who had been a Girl Scout from kindergarten through high school — wrote that this rite of passage for Girl Scouts instills confidence in dealing with successes and rejections. It also teaches girls how to set and achieve goals and work as a team.

(H/T: Vice)


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