CNN's Don Lemon Becomes A Meme After A Bizarre Attempt At Stimulating A Debate About Race

'Does this offend you?'

Last year, CNN anchor Don Lemon made headlines seemingly for all the wrong reasons. Halfway through 2015, it appears that he's on the same track. After President Obama used the N-word in an interview with Marc Maron that aired Monday, the CNN host injected himself in the conversation in a highly bizarre fashion, holding up a sign with the slang word on TV. Quickly after, Twitter responded to Don Lemon's giant N-word sign, basically turning him into a meme. 

Lemon first held up a Confederate flag, the center of controversy following the Charleston, S.C., shooting, and asked, "Does this offend you? It's a Confederate flag." He then went ahead with holding up a huge sign with the N-word on it, asking his audience, "What about this? Does this offend you?" 

Having last year been bestowed with the honor for Worst Journalism of 2014, Lemon is undoubtedly a divisive figure. With this latest stunt, the anchor clearly intended to stimulate a debate about the two issues, both surrounding the important topic of race. But let's be clear — there are constructive ways to add to a conversation, then there are less-than-constructive ways to do so. 

We're not sure what Lemon set out to achieve here, but Twitter had fun with this one.


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