These Domino's Employees Realized A Man Needed Help When He Missed His Regular Pizza Order

Delivery drivers to the rescue.

Better put Domino's on speed dial. As evidenced by a recent incident, the chain's drivers don't just deliver pizza — they can also deliver life-saving assistance to customers in need.

As manager and assistant manager Sarah Fuller and Jenny Seiber from Salem, Oregon, explained to Good Morning America, they realized this past weekend that one of their regular customers, Kirk Alexander, hadn't ordered a pizza in 11 days.

The pair sent a delivery driver, Tracey Hamblen, to his home to see if he was OK.

When the driver arrived, he saw that the lights were on, but Alexander didn't answer the door. Worried, he relayed the information to his fellow employees when he got back to the store.

That's when they made the collective decision to call 911.

When police arrived at Alexander's home, they heard him yelling for help and rushed him to the hospital. Luckily, they found him in time. Although Alexander's condition has not been made public, thanks to the swift action of Hamblen, Fuller and Seiber, he has begun to recover.



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