Mom And Her Daughters Dress In Matching Outfits Every Week After A Happy Accident

"It's a great way for us to have fun together."

If you scroll through Dominique Davis's Instagram, you'll immediately notice a bunch of adorable photos taken with her daughters, Amelia and Penny, in coordinating outfits. 

The mother of two and blogger at All That Is She started the series after accidentally dressing Penny, her 3-year-old, in a striped top that matched the one she was wearing. When 10-year-old Amelia exited her bedroom, she happened to also be wearing a matching top. Davis decided to share her family's coordinating outfits with her followers. After realizing how much people loved the photo, she decided to make it a weekly feature using the hashtag #AllThatIsThree

"Now we try to incorporate what we've done that week into each photo; it's become a family photo diary," Davis told A Plus. 


Davis started the photo series seven months ago and it's created a way for her to document her daughters' growth, week by week. 

"It's a great way for us to have fun together," Davis said. "Penny loves to entertain, so messing around in front of the camera and then being able to look back on all of her funny faces, really makes her giggle. As for Amelia, she's at an age now where the lure of the iPad and sitting in her room 24/7 is beginning to kick in, so creating these photos together encourages her to get creative and to spend time with her family."

Participating in the shoots has inspired a keen interest in photography for Amelia who often comes up with ideas for an image. "It's a great way for her to discover what works and what doesn't when it comes to capturing a perfect family photo," Davis said. 

The project has helped to encourage the girls' creativity, but it's also created a fun way for the three to bond and reminisce. The girls often scroll through Davis's phone to chat about all of the photos they've taken together. 

"We live in a time where we just don't print photos like we used to, everything is taken on the phone, and that's where it tends to stay," Davis said. "So, my advice is to start your own family photography project. Think of something fun to keep your kids interested and execute them in a way that'll make you desperate to go out and print them. Hang them around your house and cherish them forever."

You can check out some of the photos from the #AllThatIsThree series below:















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