The Cycle Of Domestic Violence Is Heartbreaking And Never-Ending, Unless This Happens

Abuse is a cycle.

Every nine seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten by her partner. One in 15 children will witness this violence. We did the math and just a few days into this October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, 76,800 women are likely to have been abused with their children there to watch.

These women and their kids may seek shelter, if they're lucky enough to make it out of their homes alive, but the cycle doesn't end there. In fact, for some children, it may be just the beginning. 

Through the below infographic, A Plus illustrates the effects of abuse that outlasts the physical violence, but is still as detrimental. From homelessness to children's chances of becoming abused increasing, it's time to recognize how vital it is to have zero tolerance for domestic violence. 

Check it out and help us break the cycle of abuse. 


Michael Schall/


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