Family Loses It When Mom Mysteriously Cuts WiFi During Dinnertime

We'd like to think we wouldn't have tantrums in this case, but we probably would too.

How many times have you had to repeat yourself because someone has their face in some electronic device instead of paying attention? When's the last time you spoke with the people in front of you instead of chatting with your online friends? 

We're not judging. Pretty much all of us are guilty of it. And sometimes we have to be online whether it's for work, school, to pay bills or to get in touch with out-of-town family and friends.

The point is to have some balance and not ignore the life right in front of you. 


Supper used to be the one part of the day when families could count on having some face time. (And we mean real face time. Seeing their actual faces in person.)

Now, you practically have to beg people to come to the table and when they finally do, their devices come along with them. 

Italian food company Dolmio Australia came up with an experiment to help frustrated moms deal with this modern-day dilemma. 

They invented "The Pepper Hacker." 

During dinnertime, they had moms use a secret WiFi deactivator hidden within a pepper mill. 

The confused families freaked when they first discovered their electronic devices wouldn't work.

Then, when they gathered at the dinner table together, something kind of weird happened.

They enjoyed themselves and each other.

We guess that can happen when you look at people in the eye and talk with them. 

Watch their before and after reactions in the video below.

Too bad this pepper mill isn't made for public use. For now, we'll have to settle for sharing this video with family and friends and hope they get the point.  


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