Anonymous Man Gives Dollars To People Who Smiled

What a great guy.

Drivers at the corner of South Cottonwood Drive and Brompton Way in Parker, Colorado might have noticed a man holding a cardboard sign during Monday afternoon. While most people probably rolled their eyes and assumed that the man was asking for money, it seemed that it was the other way around.


He wanted to give you money.

As long as you smiled, this stranger handed you a dollar. The man stood outside and did this generous act for about two hours. The drivers, who took the time to read the sign and smile, were incredibly grateful.

"He's got to be freezing but now he's warm and it's so sweet!" a driver said to KMGH.

The man said half of the drivers didn't bother to look at the sign, and about 15 percent of people who smiled didn't want the dollar. The man handed out dozens of dollars on Monday.

"I was blessed at Christmas, got a little bit of money," the man, who wished to remain anonymous, said to KUSA. "And I just wanted to give back."

"I'm Carl Ramsey. God Bless," the man shouted to each driver.

However, Carl Ramsey was not his name.

He left a note to the media to explain why he did this kind act. The letter was signed with the name "friend."

"I am not Carl Ramsey," he wrote, "but today I represent his spirit."

The letter stated that Carl Ramsey was his friend in high school. He wrote that Carl was loving, caring and would make everyone smile. The summer after their graduation, Carl died in a farming accident.

"As the years have passed, my imagination has tried to envision what his life would have been like," the letter said. "Today you have seen a small glimpse of Carl Ramsey. In this gesture of giving others a buck for a smile, his amazing spirit lives on."

With his 40-year high school reunion approaching, the man wanted to celebrate Carl's life. He also has plans to honor the memories of other high school friends he has lost.



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