Talented Artist Brings Nightmares To Life. Good Luck Trying to Sleep Now.

Now that is some creepy art.

Sometimes, art is a reflection of nature's beauty. Other times, it is what happens when nightmares come to life.

Karen Main, a 31-year-old artist on the popular art-sharing website Deviant Art, is posting some of most frightening and simultaneously impressive art we've ever seen under the username Dogzillalives

Made using polymer clay and beautiful acrylic painting, her pieces are so shocking that they quickly got traction on Reddit. We'd like to share them with you here. 

If you're interested in purchasing any of her work, you can check out her Facebook page


Imagine if tongues like this existed...

... or if we all had three eyes...

We don't even know what this is, but still...


How would this be for a front yard decoration?

And, of course, you can wear this stuff if you'd like...

... even around your neck.


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