Shelter Pups Transform Into High-Fashion Models To Help Them Find Homes

This is so doggone cute (and effective).

For decades, fashion magazine covers have been the emblem of glamor, luxury and high fashion. From stunning celebrities to leggy models, magazine covers often become events themselves

But we guarantee you've never seen one like this. Polish nonprofit foundation Po Psu Ta Moda is transforming pooches into high fashion cover models and it's all for a good cause, thanks to a campaign created by ostrosiostro, a Polish startup specializing in content for such viral campaigns. 


The organization is dressing up shelter dogs in the style of covers from in the style of covers from "Elle," "Vogue," "Harper's Bazaar" and more.

It's a campaign to help these precious pups find a home.

And according to the captions on their Facebook photos, it's absolutely working — many of these high fashion shelter dogs have been happily adopted.

Because who could resist how this little fella is equal parts glam and adorable?


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